North Sea weather: thermal low pressure areas with thunderstorm risk

ma 8 juli 2024

1 minute read
Storm at sea

North Sea marine weather briefing July 9 - July 15. Image: AS/pobaralia

Several thermal low-pressure areas will form over France in the coming days. These low-pressure areas will move towards the North Sea where they will gradually fill. Particularly in the coastal regions around the Netherlands, these systems can sometimes cause heavy rain and thunderstorms.

What to expect this week?

A first thermal low-pressure area will move from the UK to the North Sea on Tuesday. Heavy rain and thunderstorms are especially likely on the warm eastern and northern sides of the low. The greatest chance of these storms will be close to the Dutch coast and north of the Wadden Islands. These thunderstorms may also bring strong gusts of wind, causing the sea to be temporarily rougher. On the cool side of the low (UK coast), the chances of thunderstorms and associated phenomena are much smaller.

swc-maritiem_240708Risk of thunderstorms on Tuesday and Friday

After relatively calm weather across the entire North Sea on Wednesday and Thursday, instability will increase again during the night into Friday. Another thermal low-pressure area will form over France. This system will move over the southernmost part of the North Sea and along the UK coast to the north. Once again, there will be a high chance of thunderstorms on the warm northern and eastern sides of the low.

Risk returns on Friday

During the night into Friday, this will be especially true over the Channel and the southernmost part of the North Sea. On Friday during the day, the German Bight will also have a chance of heavy rain and thunderstorms. The UK coast will once again be on the cool side of the low, where the chance of severe storms remains small. These storms may again bring strong gusts of wind, causing the sea to become temporarily much rougher. The greatest chance of gusts will be in the Channel and the southernmost part of the North Sea. After the low passes, the chance of severe storms will decrease.

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