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Tue 16 April 2024

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Weather forecasting by AI models is not something for the far future, its already here! We have recently added five of these machine learning models to I’m Weather and all of them are available in both the free and the Pro version. They are updated four times per day.

Big tech companies like Google, Nvidia and Huawei have built AI models that in certain cases already outperform physics based numerical weather prediction models. The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) also has its own AI-model.

Those global AI weather models are trained on historical weather data. The five AI models in I’m Weather all used ECMWF reanalysis data for this. This training was done by clusters of GPU-powered computers and took multiple weeks. But the created forecasting model can be used to make a forecast in just a matter of minutes on a computer equipped with one sufficiently large GPU.

Also, these machine learning models use similar analyses as traditional models for the initial conditions when starting a forecast run.


The traditional physics-based ECMWF weather model is called IFS; Integraded Forecast System. ECMWF’s AI model is called AIFS; Artificial Intelligence Forecast System. The AIFS is already outperforming the IFS forecasts in many of the standard forecast scores. The data, produced four times per day, is downloaded and presented in I’m Weather for free.

AIFS forecast skill

Four more AI models in I’m Weather

The four other machine learning models in I’m Weather are:

  • FengWu – created by Shanghai AI Laboratory
  • FourCastNet v2 – created by Nvidia
  • FuXi – created by Fudan University
  • Pangu-Weather – created by Huawei Cloud

These models we run ourselves four times per day using the licensed models from the mentioned creators above.

View the models next to each other!

To easily compare the output of those models you can set I’m Weather in 2-panel or 4-panel mode. Click on the boxed ‘1’ and select ‘2’ or ‘4’.

compare models Im Weather

Below you see the forecasts from the 3rd of April for temperatures on the 6th of April 14:00 CET:

4 models compared Im Weather

Use time series to view the data

You can also click on a location on the map and view the hourly data like this in time series:

Time series Im Weather

If you have I’m Weather Pro you can click on ‘Compare’ and view data for your location for traditional weather models and AI-models together. For example, hourly forecasted temperatures:

Time series Im Weather pro

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