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Control the timetable
no matter what the weather

When the weather impacts the rail network, timely advice and action is critical to get the timetable back on schedule. Thanks to our dedicated models, Rail Support provides clear and simple information about the weather risks for trains, trams and subways. Our team of meteorologists are available 24/7 to help you translate how the weather risks might impact daily operations on the tracks.

Why choose Rail Support?

Know which weather risks can impact your timetable

Weather experts on the tracks

Our expert models are suitable for both national rail networks as well as regional transport networks used by tram and metro operators. Service for all networks include calculating conditions for slippery tracks due to wet leaves, risk prediction of hoar frost on the overhead lines as well as general ice conditions on platforms and tracks.


Customization for every user

Each user can have a personalized dashboard experience. They can customise the dashboard with green, orange or red traffic light alerts for localize tracks, individual trains or platforms. Quickly identify weather risks that can impact network operations.

Add new users and select weather conditions relevant for them.

Automatically to your e-mail
Receive a detailed weather forecast and update alerts when action is needed.

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A trusted partner

Our meteorologists translate weather risks into operational guidance for the rail network. When a weather warning comes via the forecast, a meteorologist will contact you and provide consultation. Forecasters will also keep you up to date on any uncertainty in the weather forecast so you can make decisions with confidence.

“The experience shown by Infoplaza’s team of meteorologists has proven itself once again during storm Eunice.”

Etienne Weijers

Process Leader Weather and Seasons, ProRail

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“The experience shown by Infoplaza’s team of meteorologists has proven itself once again during storm Eunice.”

Etienne Weijers

Process Leader Weather and Seasons, ProRail

Be prepared when weather impacts your schedule

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Rail Support for each phase

  • 01

    Understand weather risks
    Instantly observe the weather risks and opportunities during the forecast period.

  • 02

    Reduce timetable delays
    Reduce the impact weather has on the schedule and make sure customers enjoy a safe, comfortable journey.

  • 03

    Experienced meteorologists
    Experts in their field that can guide your decision making when forecast confidence is low.

  • 04

    Receive alerts that allow you to take actions quickly and efficiently.

Facts and figures on Rail Support


a weather forecast every two hours




network weather risks are monitored




“What makes us so happy about Infoplaza is their clear communication. It’s honest and to the point when there is forecast uncertainty. It helps us with our decision making. If you make the wrong call, you leave people out in the cold – literally.”

Etienne Weijers

Process Leader Weather and Seasons, Prorail


Can you make better decisions for the rail network?

Do you want to be prepared for risky weather conditions on the rail network? Our experts can show the opportunities on both national and regional levels.