Present your clients with high-quality travel and weather data

Service your travelling customers with the best data, processed in comprehensible apps we build for administrations, transport companies, road users and contractors in road construction.

Mobility as
a service

Get insight on traffic routes

Using our technique we visualize traffic flows to provide you with immediate insight on what is going on, on the road, right now. 

Mobility as a service

We provide data modules to achieve an optimal chain of journey. Also, our meteorologists know exactly what influence the weather has on your or your customer’s journey. That’s how we help transport companies as well as travellers decide. 

Accurate, complete and reliable data

Exactly how you want it. We dispose of a huge source of date that help you and your customer make the right decision. 

Car, bicycle or public transport?

We dispose of the most current data for all these traffic flows. We offer our support to commuters and transport companies in a lot of different ways during their journey.


Toine van Buul • CEO Mobility

Informed decisions can only be made based on current and reliable data.
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rely on our traffic data and meteorological expertise

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Toine van Buul

CEO Mobility

“Allow for reliable data on mobility to guide your decision making.”
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