High-quality services for public transport

Real-time travel information or an independent travel planner: both are strongly dependent on the capacity and quality of the source data. At Infoplaza Mobility we dispose of the much needed knowledge of the public transport domain. We provide modules for Mobility As A Service to achieve an optimal chain journey. Also, our meteorologists know how the weather influences and dictates your travels. That way we help transport companies ánd travellers decide.

Why choose Infoplaza Mobility?

High-quality travel data and weather information combined

Insight on the journey

Infoplaza Mobility processes, generates and analyses travel data from and for transporters. We enrich the data, for example with our weather information, and present them based on our extended domain knowledge in an accessible and comprehensive dashboard. As soon as the weather or other external factors have an effect on the timetable, we let you know.


Public transport app for travellers

As a city or regional transporter you want to service your traveller. Infoplaza Mobility discloses travel information for travellers through user-friendly travel apps. This way we not only support the operation, but also help the traveller decide, at every moment of the day and under any weather circumstances.

Travellers describe our public transport apps as straightforward, easy and respectful of privacy.

In the app travellers select their preferences on how to travel from A to B.


Makers of moopmoop

For a lot of travellers the weather is a deciding factor in choosing their means of transportation. In our travel app moopmoop we combine public transport information, traffic and the weather, all in real time. Our app provides travel suggestions on transport by metro, tram or bus, informs you about delays, weather forecasts and the location of – for example – trains, public electric scooters and bicycles. 


These city and regional transporters already rely on our high-quality data

Insight on data on the whole travel chain


All advantages:

  • 01

    Keep a grip on the timetable
    Thanks to the traffic light colours in the dashboard you can tell instantly if the weather forecast influences the timetable.

  • 02

    Enriched with countrywide travel data
    Be prepared for possible disrupted timetables on a national level and respond accordingly, so travellers can get from A to B safely and comfortably.

  • 03

    24/7 support and monitoring
    In case of an interruption, for instance because of a storm, one of our experts will contact you as soon as possible. We will make recommendations based on our knowledge and the weather forecast, and we will help you decide. During the week ánd in the weekends.

  • 04

    We facilitate the whole travel chain
    From direct connections with several mobility partners for real-time data processing to travel planning and ticketing. We provide validated API’s as well as customized solutions.

Facts and figures on Infoplaza Mobility


a weather forecast
every two hours


city and regional transporters
preceded you



> 200.000

travellers use our public
transport apps


"For several years now, we have been happily working together with Infoplaza Mobility to provide our travellers with the right tools to travel efficiently."

Renzo Hijman

Lead Customer Digital Channels, Transdev


More insight on high-quality travel and weather data?

Does the daily operation need more insight on the travel chain? Or are you looking for a partner who can develop a trustworthy travel planner? Fill out the contact form below so we can discuss possibilities together.