Ice forecasting and analysis

Our accurate, up-to-date ice charting products will provide clients with detailed guidance for the success of their operation. Understanding the ice regime surrounding your project location is critical in protecting the safety of personnel and equipment.

Why use Infoplaza Marine Weather?

Understand ice risks that can jeopardise projects

Sea ice solutions

Sea Ice solutions our clients require include an overview of the general area of interest which may be subject to ice formations, including current and expected ice conditions. Clients are advised about the different types of ice, ice thickness and ice movement that may be encountered as well as probable metocean conditions. Our products are based on observations from the field and the latest available optical and SAR satellite imagery.

Ice reports
‘Quicklook’ function with annotated explanations about the types of ice, ice mobility, ice thickness and drifting ice.

Worldwide support
Infoplaza provides ice support services to clients operating in the Caspian Sea, Baltic Sea and Arctic Sea areas.

“Our ice reports help clients manage their logistics and transportation requirements to and from offshore installations.”

Rob Koenders

Senior Ice Charting Specialist


“Our ice reports help clients manage their logistics and transportation requirements to and from offshore installations.”

Rob Koenders

Senior Ice Charting Specialist

Better results, reduced costs

The challenges for operations in ice areas can really increase the costs involved. Not being able to work, or not being able to work long enough, has a lot of ramifications. With Ice charting we can help contribute to better planning, reduced downtime and cost saving.


Ice charting specialists

Infoplaza’s ice charting experts are meteorologists by trade, who have enjoyed intensive training programs on ice formations and its properties. In addition, they have years of hands-on ice charting experience on-site. They have an in depth understanding of how ice forms, moves, evolves, and reacts over the course of the ice season. Ice forecasting requires both meteorological and climatological knowledge in order to understand how, historic sea conditions and seasonal ice patterns may be influenced by expected weather conditions at a location.

Meteorological expertise
Ice formation and propagation is heavily dependent on current weather conditions. Accurate and reliable meteorological solutions are essential in delivering high quality Ice Charting services.


Keep operations
safe and on schedule
in icy conditions


All advantages:

  • 01

    Insight on weather risks
    Instantly know the weather risks you must plan for in order to prevent downtime.

  • 02

    Support by professional meteorologists and ice charters
    Ice forecasting professionals available to support your operations.

  • 03

    Focus on safety
    Integrated information which lets you manage sea ice risks which can affect your teams and equipment.

  • 04

    Limit downtime
    Plan operations with confidence and optimise workability offshore with ice charting solutions.


Can Ice Forecasting assist your operations?

Ice charting professionals are available to support your marine operations.

Olaf Sueters
Head of Sales B2B