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Weather monitoring for outdoor events

Plan events with confidence and protect your staff, visitors and investment with an accurate and reliable weather forecast. Infoplaza’s Outdoor Support service can show you at a glance if weather is likely to affect an event. Forecasters will monitor the weather throughout your event and will help you decide if contingencies need to be taken.

Why use Outdoor Support?

Weather monitoring before, during & after your event

Understand weather risks on location

Add weather limits for sound towers, stages, festival tents as well as parades or other local events into the Outdoor Support dashboard. Simple colour coded weather windows can advise you as soon weather reaches set thresholds before, during or after an event. Weather planning will help protect the safety of staff and visitors and ensure the smooth running of activities.

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Active weather monitoring

Take advantage of dedicated event weather monitoring. A duty forecaster will monitor the weather forecast at your location 24/7 and based on documented safety guidelines will promptly send out event weather warnings if required.

Experienced meteorologists
A forecast team with years of experience in monitoring outdoor weather risks.

24/7 weather monitoring
Meteorologists will monitor the weather for your event, day and night.

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A trusted partner

The succes of any outdoor event relies partly on the weather and, if necessary, taking appropriate measures. Has contingencies been made for extreme heat or torrential rainfall. Our event weather team will monitor changing weather, discuss with each other, and consult event organisers so that the right actions are taken. 

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Weather monitoring for a safe event

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All advantages:

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    Simple and clear weather dashboard
    Simple traffic light colour codes of green, orange and red immediately show event planners what weather limits might be met in the next seven days. Weather alerts will notify users of potential risks.

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    Clarity for all stakeholders
    Provide dashboard access to all event stakeholders. Enable discussion and planning so that the right decisions are taken to optimize event activity based on reliable weather information.

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    Event briefing and monitoring
    All stages of event planning, pre, post and during are captured in Infoplaza’s event solutions. Pre event, teams will discuss weather thresholds and brief each other on potential weather risks. During the event monitoring and alert services are implemented so that organisers are alerted if weather reaches the limits set.

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    Small and big events
    Whether it’s an annual parade, or a large festival, Outdoor Support helps organisations of any event, big or small, to plan effectively and efficiently and ensure the right safety measures are taken on time.

Facts and figures on Outdoor Support


an up-to-date weather forecast every hour

> 5

weather limits available in the event dashboard


experienced meteorologists to track event weather

> 35

events that are monitored for weather every year


Would you like to know more about Outdoor Support?

Do you want to have a strong focus on potential weather risks leading up to, during and after an event? Contact us to discuss possibilities.

Olaf Sueters
Head of Sales B2B