The unique time-series and compare function in I'm Weather

Wed 12 June 2024

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Weather forecasts are often made by looking at weather models that are one by one presented in maps or graphs. For the best possible forecast at one location there is a better option. Let’s look into data presented in time-series in I’m Weather.

The best way to use time-series data in I’m Weather is to click on ‘Locations’ and use the search bar to find the location of your choice. By default, you will get the overview Infoplaza ‘optimal’ forecast with several parameters in days and dayparts (6 hours). You can choose temperature, moisture/clouds, wind, precipitation, stability and maritime for more detail.

Compare models

If you have I’m Weather Pro and click on ‘Compare models’ you will find all hourly data of all weather models available for your selected location. Of course you can view all parameters per model. But the most interesting and a unique functionality is viewing the forecast of all models per parameter. 

Do you want to know forecasted temperature this afternoon or the forecasted wind gusts for tomorrow 8:00 – 11:00 a.m.?  Click on the subset you want, and you get several related parameters from all models neatly below each other.

Add locations as favourite

Do you have multiple locations for which you want to see the forecasts on a regularly basis? Then click on ‘Add to favorites’ to save the location. For this you need I’m Weather Pro.


Nowcast and climate

Of course, you can also access nowcast and climate data in time series. Nowcast data gives you the precipitation amount, precipitation type and lightning in the last hour and coming two hours. Climate gives the climate data for your locations in 10-day intervals. Here you will find the usual climate parameters in the ‘Overview’ and when you click on one of the five subsets you will get a lot more. For example: see below the climate-subset ‘Sunshine’ for Barcelona:


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