What's New: December 2023 Update of I'm Weather

Tue 19 December 2023

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As the year draws to a close, we at I'm Weather are thrilled to announce some major updates to our platform. Our December 2023 update is all about bringing more personalization, accuracy, and speed to your weather forecasts. Let's dive into what's new!

New menu and navigation more intuitive

I'm Weather now has four components on the top of the menu. The component in green is the one you are currently viewing. We introduced new view options, MAP, LOCATIONS with timeseries, BLOG and easier access to the SETTINGS. The weather menu items moved to below left.

Im weather overview dec 2023 (1)

Location timeseries

The change of the menu makes it more intuitive and space for the new locations menu. We have added a very extensive time-series forecasts. For each location which can be found in the search bar we offer timeseries for every available model. You can 'save' this location by clicking on the green 'Favorite' button.

Selecting one location gives you an overview for nowcast, forecast and climate for this location. When you want an overview for all forecast data (all models) click on 'compare' and you will get an extensive overview for this location. Like this example for temperature, precipitation and wind.

timeseries Im Weather

Compare mode Im Weather

Ensemble Models: ECMWF and Harmonie

Accuracy in weather forecasting is key, and we're stepping it up with Ensemble Models. Starting with the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) and Harmonie models, these sophisticated systems use multiple simulations to predict various weather outcomes. This not only enhances the precision of our forecasts but also provides you with a range of possibilities, helping you to better plan for all weather scenarios.

Our datasets are divided into five groups:

  1. Nowcast - containing data like radar, satellite and lightning.
  2. Forecast - with the latest direct model output from several weather models.
  3. Forecast ensemble - data sets containing ensemble weather data.
  4. Forecast wave - data sets for the sea, swell and wave heights.
  5. Forecast other - data sets with other weather-related data, like air quality forecasts.
    Climate - worldwide climate data.


Models Im Weather


In the top menu you can click on Blog. Here you will find articles about I’m Weather like this article. In the upcoming time we will add new articles in which we will go into more detail about a certain topic or dataset.


Settings will enable you to switch between parameters. For example, temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit and windspeed in m/s, km/h, mph, knots or Beaufort. You can also change the language for I’m Weather, the time format and switch between Lightmode and Darkmode.

Try I'm Weather for free

I'm Weather is the weather tool for the true weather enthusiast! You can try it yourself through the link below.

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