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Marine Weather Dashboard

Downtime is the most challenging aspect for offshore planners as it costs time and money.  Make fast, confident decisions for your offshore operations with Infoplaza’s Marine Weather Dashboard.  Weather windows will guide your workability options and optimise your decision making. Stay safe, reduce costs, and save time.

Why use the Marine Weather Dashboard?

Providing complex information
in clear weather presentations

The weather at your location

Visualise all forecast locations at a glance in a next generation, personalised Marine Weather Dashboard. Access and personalise forecasts for individual locations, setup forecast thresholds and manage forecast distribution. The Marine Weather Dashboard lets you control every aspect of your forecast requirements, allowing you to make the right decisions for your offshore operations.


High-quality data

A lot of forecast data is processed for the Marine Weather Dashboard. Scenario Forecasts are based on a multi model mix, at times generating a hundred different outcomes. This outcome variance or spread in the scenario illustrates forecast confidence, providing users with information about opportunities for completing scheduled work. The Optimal Forecast, which is derived from the Scenario Forecast, allows Meteorologists to quality review, and edit the forecast, in order to provide customers with the most accurate forecast we can produce to assist their activities. Together with our nested models for nearshore locations we offer the most accurate forecasts and optimal insight on opportunities and risks the weather brings.

Multiple forecast delivery systems
Receive the weather forecast in the dashboard, via email (pdf or csv), FTP or API.


Experts with passion

Our meteorologists have been assisting marine companies for years, helping them navigate challenges at sea. Forecaster experience, and maritime knowledge allow our dedicated staff to offer clients that little bit extra. It not just the day-to-day decisions we can help with, but also the mission critical ones both nearshore and offshore.

“Using a combination of high-quality data and direct forecaster advice we provide weather solutions, streamlined to have the most effective impact on your marine operations.”

Alice Lentink

Team lead Marine Forecasting


“Using a combination of high-quality data and direct forecaster advice we provide weather solutions, streamlined to have the most effective impact on your marine operations.”

Alice Lentink

Team lead Marine Forecasting

What does the dashboard offer?

Creating a forecast for any offshore project is just a few clicks away at which point you can quickly determine the uptime opportunities and downtime risks for your projects. The dashboard offers:

Overview of all weather-related operations

  • Weather windows based on project limits
  • Optimal forecast
  • Scenario forecast
  • Weather maps
  • Ship motion forecast
  • Route forecast
  • Helicopter forecast

Facts and figures on Infoplaza Marine Weather

> 200

international marine and offshore companies which benefited from our solutions


an up-to-date weather
forecast every hour


support by marine meteorologists


weather experts and wave modellers

Make informed decisions using
the Marine Weather Dashboard


All advantages:

  • 01

    Insight on weather risks and opportunities
    Instantly know the short and long-term weather risks you have to plan for in order to prevent downtime.

  • 02

    Objective weather data for all stakeholders
    Minimise discussions and disputes by giving all stakeholders access to the detailed weather dashboard.

  • 03

    Accurate weather forecasts for your location
    Modellers work continuously to optimize the weather models. Observations on location help them calibrate the models which make customer forecasts even more precise.

  • 04

    24/7 weather monitoring
    Marine meteorologists monitor the weather day and night and will alert you as soon as the weather presents significant risk for offshore operations.

Offshore companies worldwide that rely on our
weather forecast information


Would you like to have more information about an optimal weather forecast for your marine operations?

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