New in Marine Weather Dashboard: configurable project parameters

Thu 21 September 2023

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We are continuously improving our Marine Weather Dashboard. Learn about the latest update!

To make our Marine Weather Dashboard as configurable and user friendly as possible, we are continuously improving the dashboard, developing new features, and improving existing functionalities. 

As the users of the Marine Weather Dashboard come from numerous different maritime markets, the nature of their operations differs as well. While some users might only need to see the 10m wind and significant wave height in their forecast, others are more dependent on vessel movement and rely on parameters such as peak period and zero-crossing period for different wave groups. 

Configurable Parameters

As there is no one parameter set to satisfy all dashboard users, Infoplaza has introduced the Configurable Parameter feature. In this part of the dashboard, you can select all the required parameters for your specific operation. 

These parameters will then be available in the online forecast, in the distributed pdf’s and in the forecast API. 

See for yourself at :
Administrator –> Click on project in an order -> 3. Project parameters 


Order setup
The parameter selection page is part of the Order setup procedure. A minimum (5) and maximum number (19) of parameters is required - for pdf layout purposes. Which parameters you would like to include is entirely up to you and the requirements of your operation. You can change your choice of parameters throughout your project.

Our Marine Weather Dashboard provides complex information in clear weather presentations. See what it can do for your operations:

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