Watch our on demand webinar on how to make weather work in offshore logistics

Fri 17 December 2021

1 minute read

Foto: Adobe Stock / Mike Mareen

On the 1st of December 2021 Infoplaza hosted a webinar on how to make weather work in offshore logistics. Denis Ustich from Spirit Energy showed the weather related issues he and his colleagues encountered on J6A and how he tackled these issues.

Reinier Dick from Peterson Energy shared his vision on how he uses a weather forecast for planning offshore logistics. We heard the cost reduction that can be achieved and other advantages. We started the webinar after an introduction from Olaf Sueters and the basics of meteorology by Leon Saris, both working at Infoplaza.

Watch our on-demand webinar

Please watch our on-demand webinar for more information on how to integrate weather data to optimize offshore supply logistics.

Watch the webinar now

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